1. Relations with clients

Employees will seek to earn and maintain the trust of their Clients at all times and should:

  1. Give fair and proper consideration and the appropriate priority to the interests and requirements of all clients. Obtain and provide relevant information, including all necessary documentation and respect the confidentiality of information.
  2. Avoid conflict between personal interests, or the interests of any associated company, person or group of persons, and their duties to all clients.
  3. Avoid conflict between any competing interests of one or more clients, stepping aside in one or all matters if such conflicts cannot be resolved.
  4. Act at all times with due skill, care and diligence.
  5. Act only within the limits of personal competence and any limits of authorization.
  6. Act in a financially honest and prudent manner, including ensuring the protection of any money and/or property held on behalf of clients.
  7. Act openly, fairly and respectfully at all times, providing all clients with due respect, consideration and opportunity.
  8. Be honest and trustworthy with clients and communicate with them in a clear, prompt and appropriate manner.
  9. Provide suitable and objective recommendations to clients.
  10. Not provide or accept money, gifts, entertainment, loans or any other benefit or preferential treatment from or to any existing or potential clients or provider, other than occasional gifts, entertainment or remuneration, which are provided as part of accepted business practice, and which are not likely to conflict with duties to clients.