Our philosophy

We at Indemnity Insurance Brokers LLC (IIB) handle every client transaction with utmost care and scrutiny. It is our endeavor to provide you with best service in the industry. However, there can be times where you find our service were not up to your expectations and we encourage you to report such instance to us. We look at every complaint as an opportunity to learn and enhance our services further. Each complaint irrespective of size of our client is taken very seriously and is handled strictly as per our complaints procedure described in this document.

Definition of a complaint

Any expression of dissatisfaction, by a customer, potential customer or other business partner or any regulatory body made to either directly or indirectly which is related to a product or service provided by IIB or which is related to an employee of IIB or is provided by another business partner such as but not limited to an insurance company.

What is not a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction concerning denial of coverage which is clearly not covered under the policy or where amount claimed exceeds monetary limits under the policy.

Identifying a complaint

An explicit comment or statement or expression such as but not limited to, listed below indicates the existence of a complaint:

  • “I want to make a complaint”
  • “Who do I complain to about this?”
  • “I am not happy with ….”
  • “I am not satisfied with what you are saying …..”
  • “This policy that I was sold does not meet my needs”
  • “I was told that….. but this has not happened”
  • “You promised to do…… but……”
  • “I asked for…… but did not receive…..”


Complaint ownership

On receipt of a complaint, we will pass the details onto the Compliance officer, who will have overall ownership of all complaints. Based on the details an appropriate employee of IIB will be nominated to look into your complaint. Such an employee will not be the one or from the department against which complaint is made. You will be advised name and designation of the employee who will look into your complaint.

How to make a complaint

We encourage you to bring to our attention all such instance which may be cause of your dissatisfaction. Accordingly, we provide you multiple channels to report a complaint to us.

We have a dedicated complaints module available on our website  In addition to that you can approach us by any of the following means:

  • By email to
  • By phone – +971 4 246 9600
  • By fax – +971 4 244 5851
  • By personal visit to our office – 504, Aspect Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
  • By paper letter addressed to compliance officer

What happens when you make a complaint

We endeavor to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction as soon as possible, however if your complaint cannot be resolved within 5 working days, following its receipt, we will send you a written acknowledgement of your complaint with the details of employee nominated to handle your complaint.

If you make an oral complaint, our written acknowledgement will set out our understanding of your complaint.

If we have reasonable grounds to be satisfied that another firm may be solely or jointly responsible for the allegation(s) made, we will promptly forward the complaint, or the relevant part of it, to that firm. We will write to you to confirm our actions and provide contact details of the firm concerned.

Your complaint will be investigated diligently and fairly by the employee nominated by compliance officer.

We may ask you to submit copies of documentation and may request further information from you to assist us with our investigation.

We will ensure that you are regularly kept informed of our progress with regards to the investigation into your complaint.

We will undertake a thorough investigation of your complaint and would try to resolve your complaint within four weeks of its receipt. However, in the event that we have been unable to resolve your complaint within the four week period, we will write to you and let you know the progress on the same.

When we have resolved your complaint, we will issue our Final Response letter. This will include details about our investigations, our findings, our actions to resolve the complaint and our steps to avoid us complaints in future.

Escalation process

On delay in response from the complaint owner/handler to whom it is assigned, it will be escalated to the compliance officer for taking action as per the agreed Turnaround Time.



What happens if you are unhappy with our response?

Further, as part of your rights, if you feel we have not dealt with your complaint properly or you are dissatisfied with our final response, you can forward your complaint to the respective regulator (details below) and they will arrange to conduct an independent review of your case.

For ease of reference, contact particulars are:

United Arab Emirates Insurance Authority

P.O. Box 113332

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: 024990111

Dubai Health Authority

Dub​ai Health Authority Building, Al Maktoum Bridge Street,

Bur Dubai Area 4545, UAE.

Toll Free: 800342

Complaints Form